Into the Ashlands

Adventures of Trog V

When Trog last put words on paper there was big ship with funny sails on it chasing us. Trog put long paddle-stick in water and push for a long time but they still faster than us. Then big flying lion swooped down over our boat. Randy said it was a mandycore and there was a man riding on it. The mandycore attacked the friend bird of Gus, so it turned into a big fish and jumped into the water. Trog get tired of rowing now and hide inside the ship until the flying lion went away.

Gunther say there an island nearby that always covered in fog so we aim boat for going that way. We get there though and more zombies come up out of the water and try to eat us. 2 of our sailor mans got chomped so Trog is betting Trog will have to spend a lot of time tying ropes soon. Zombies keep trying to drown us so we smashed them all and row away from the island. Trog is pretty happy because we don’t see funny sail ship chasing us anymore.



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