Into the Ashlands

Adventures of Trog VII

Woke up from wet night in woods again. Trog still sleepy, but Randy’s hand say we have to walk north so we go that way. Spend long time lost in jungle and Trog get sick from bug stings. Anar and Udo no look so good either. Bugs are mean, Trog hate.

Find path jungle animals use to walk on and we travel down it. Trog sense him being watched so walk forward a little and see sneaky men trying to hide in woods. Trog not fooled and charge them to death. All this noise woke up big scaly lizard thing that crawl out from woods and try to eat everyone. Trog kill it along with the rest of the men and skinned it for making a blanket later. Udo got chomped by the lizard and him turned to rock. Anar say he can fix Udo with potion, but we cut stuff out from lizard then hide in cave until he done cooking it.

Trog wait bored all night while Anar stirs things into bubbling pot. Him ask Trog to kill a monkey for blood for potion, so Trog stomp off into jungle and grab a monkey. Trog bored again. Anar finish bad smelling potion and smear it all over Udo. Udo stop being a rock and fall over on the ground. Since Udo feel better now we head back following Randy’s hand again.

Spend most of day walking and get to top of a hill near a cliff. We sleep for night. In morning we look around and seem to have reached other side of island as there a cliff leading down to beach here. We start to slowly climb down cliff until we see giant flying lion coming to us again. It fly by many times shooting needles at us. Trog becoming mad at big flying kitty. Get off cliff finally and run down the beach to some ruins to hide from lion. Climb up onto ruins and there are words and carvings around. Anar think it say “Temple of Water”.

Temple must be guarded cuz sea monster men come out and attack us. We fight them off and Randy touched pedestal thing to open up a hole in the ground. There is water in hole that is different color than other water and is very clear to look into. We think we swim through it after we take a quick rest.



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