Into the Ashlands

Adventures of Trog V

When Trog last put words on paper there was big ship with funny sails on it chasing us. Trog put long paddle-stick in water and push for a long time but they still faster than us. Then big flying lion swooped down over our boat. Randy said it was a mandycore and there was a man riding on it. The mandycore attacked the friend bird of Gus, so it turned into a big fish and jumped into the water. Trog get tired of rowing now and hide inside the ship until the flying lion went away.

Gunther say there an island nearby that always covered in fog so we aim boat for going that way. We get there though and more zombies come up out of the water and try to eat us. 2 of our sailor mans got chomped so Trog is betting Trog will have to spend a lot of time tying ropes soon. Zombies keep trying to drown us so we smashed them all and row away from the island. Trog is pretty happy because we don’t see funny sail ship chasing us anymore.

Adventures of Trog IV

Trog start morning tired and sore from walking and fighting. Inn keeping man not have any food for us. Trog getting a bit surly now. Then another man leads Trog and friends to a big crowd of peoples. People cheer and put flowers on strings around our necks. Trog taste flowers and finds they are bitter. Where is food?

Finally! We walk to a big long table covered in meat and other good tasting things. An old guy dressed in white talked to Udo and gave him some shiny metal thing. Trog getting impatient. A different guy dressed in big metal armor rode in on a horse and started talking too. He got off the horse and gave Gus a metal bucket to wear on his head. Trog is not very good with human rituals so Trog getting confused. After a few more words they tell us we can sit and eat. Trog eat and drink many things this night. Wake up in long grass not remembering how Trog got there.

In afternoon Gus comes back from doing things to tell us that boat we are taking needs more guys to make it float right. He say that there are some guys in jail in town that can maybe help us and he go to talk to them. Trog not have a lot of things to steal but if guy from jail try to take Trog’s stuff then Trog will throw him in the water and not let him back on the boat. People in group all split up and go off to do things. Trog decide to go into Inn place and look for somebody to help him count money. Trog thinking that thicker metal armor would be better than stinky bear skin Trog wearing now.

Anar in his room playing with bottles. He very sensitive about his toys so Trog stand very still so as to not break them. Anar help Trog count out enough money to buy thicker armor. He say that Trog should come back later at night because Anar has some things to talk about. Trog say okay and Trog go into town to look for trading person. Trog go to “Willy’s Spear Shop” and ask short person for metal armor and some small axes. Armor is a little bit tight but Trog think it will stretch over time. Trog pay the short man and go back to field of grass to take a nap.

Trog wake up when it starting to get dark outside. Trog is hungry so go to Inn place to find some grub. They have fish with white stuff on it that is salty but taste good, so Trog take some of that upstairs to Anar’s room. Trog sit in corner so to not break Anar’s toys, he very fussy. Udo and Anar start telling big long story about gods and Yozgolblahs and Titans and Primords and Trog not pay much attention. Trog finish eating and almost start to sleep until Udo brings out book with pictures in it. Udo shows picture to everyone of big god with tentacles breaking the ground apart. Trog remember priest from Trog village say that Trog can only be new leader if somebody sunder the ground. Trog get very excited and start to draw picture of ground breaking. Trog show picture of Trog happy that the ground is sunder, but Udo not look very impressed. Trog will have to draw more for him later to show how good of artist Trog is.

Other guys talk more about boat and how we have guys to sail now from the jail. We need lots of food because island we go to is long ways out in the water. Trog not worried because Trog can just eat jail guys if he get hungry. After a while Gus go outside because he saw a bird in a tree. He is weird sometimes. Anar give Randy a necklace to look at but Randy not know what it is. Trog finish drawing picture of flaming person he saw back in the dogman cave and he show it to Udo. Udo say this thing is a servant of a bad god and it’s a good thing we stopped the dogmans from summoning him. Before leaving to go to sleep Trog also give his bear skin armor to Anar. Trog sorry Trog not wash it, but Anar could use thicker armors.

Next day we load up our stuff onto boat. Udo take a rock from by the water and bring it on board with us. He say he want to sink something when we deep into the water. We sail for a while and Trog is bored. Randy want us to land on a close island so he can talk to crazy hermit who live there. Trog hope there is beach there with flat rocks for skipping. Trog like skipping rocks.

We see hut with grass roof and colored smoke coming out of it. Crazy old man with big hair come out and start yelling at one of pirates we have with us. Trog already bored of crazy man so Trog go over to water to find skipping rocks. Trog almost run into a tall fish with legs and a pointy fork. Trog point at fishman and laugh because he looks so stupid. Fishman gets angry and gurgles really loud and lots more fishmen come up from the water. Trog must have insulted them so they all fight us.

Trog happy to slay them because fish is tasty. Trog take bodies of many fishman back to boat and start harvesting meat from them with skinning knife. Pirate guys look sick watching Trog. Has they never skinned a fish before? Randy and rest of the guys come back after a while with many bottles full of funny smelling juice. We leave island and keep sailing to next place. After a few hours a bird starts squawking really loud and Gus points far off over the water to another ship that is following us. They have a bad symbol on their flag and Trog get a bad feeling we going to be in a fight again soon.

Adventures of Trog III

Trog sick of dank and smelly cave. Next day started off with ratmans waking us up from a sleep to attack us. Trog squish them in a messy way because Trog was mad about not enough sleep. Trog spend some time cleaning up rat juice on armor when hear noises from down in hole again. Other guys think more zombies down there, so we get ropes together again and jump down at same time. It smell really bad down here and pile of bodies is shaking and moving. Trog not want to go closer to it, but then zombies crawl out and try to bite us. It not long before Trog is sitting cleaning armor again. Trog may hire servant to clean armor after get out of stank cave.

Trog lead group down tunnel we found last time here. We not go far before someone shoot arrows at us from the dark. Trog get mad and run forward to find more dogmans shooting at us from around corner. Not many dogmans so Trog happy he not mess up his armor again. This part of cave have big pond in it that Trog can hear splashy sounds coming from. We think smart and throw dogman bodies into the water to feed whatever water monsters there are so they don’t try to eat us first.

Trog and rest wander around pond to small tunnel. At end of tunnel we find pile of human bodies wearing armor with shiny symbols. Gus say they be guardmans from town who been missing a while. Trog think they not be missing anymore except the parts that critters ate from their faces. Don’t think they care now since they dead anyway. Since this way a dead end we go back around pond to walk other path that is dry. Water still making noises so we keep throwing dogman bodies in. We gonna run out of bodies soon.

After walk a bit we come into big cave chamber. There many dogmans and ratmans standing around chanting mumbo jumbos. In middle of cave is raised piece of rocks that some hoodoo dogmans are waving sticks around on. Trog see a lady on the high spot and she smell kinda dead. Trog don’t think people back in town going to be too happy about that. We sneak up quiet like and smash a ratman before the rest of them see us. After that is long time of smashing rats, and smashing dogs, and smashing more dogs. Trog tired. Trog go up on rock hill to help carry dead lady down. Trog not mean to look into bowl full of blood stuff, but Trog is unlucky like that. Trog get vision of a winged guy on fire and have to sit down for a while because head hurt from all the bright lights. Trog decide this a bad vision because gods that Trog likes don’t have wings. Trog smile and pee in bowl to make burning man mad.

Trog and group carefully take lady body back to town with us. No more dogmans or zombies attacks us as we walk out of cave. Trog happy to get some real food soon. Trog not sure if should talk to Udo about vision Trog had. So Trog explain that he pee in bowl because it seem more polite to do that and Trog trying to be more respectable like.

Adventures of Trog II

Trog and other guys went to the dogman cave to rescue a lady. We ate some food first and Trog covered himself in scary mud and paint. If Trog lucky the dogmans will think he is a monster and run in fear of him.

We followed the trail back to the cave that Randy left by blowing up trees. Sneaking up to the door we saw there was a few dogguys outside being guards. Trog surprised them and we beat on them until they died. Trog is good at being quiet. Trog is not good at finding traps though since Trog and Gus fell into a big hole with spikes in it. Trog not very happy about this. After we climb out of the pit we got ambushed by dogmen instead of us sneaking up on them. We smash them for a while but are getting tired and a few of them escape down a different hole.

Trog not liking the holes around here (they are full of spikes!) so drop a torch down the hole to see if there are any traps. Instead lots and lots and lots of rats came running up out of the hole and started gnawing on our feet. A dogman covered in rats seemed to be the boss of the rats, so Trog kept smashing him until he fell over and then the rats all ran off down the hole. We took all of the ratdogman’s stuff but all he had was some smelly leather armor covered in drawings. Randy put on the armor and said some magic word and turned himself into a rat. Randy seems to be really good at getting himself into trouble. Trog laughed a lot at him.

Trog no remember who had the smarty man idea to tie a rope to Randy and drop him down in the hole but Randy was able to run around and saw some more rotting dogmans down there eating dead bodies. It smells really bad down in the hole but the lady could have been down there so we had to go down (Trog glad he didn’t eat much that morning). We fought a long time against lots of undeads and dogmen and other gross guys down in the hole. Trog very tired after all this fighting. We dug around in the bodies for a while but didn’t think the lady was there or if she was down there somebody ate her head off and Trog not think her mom would want her back then. There was a tunnel that went deeper past the big pile of bodies but we thought sleeping for a while would be better idea.

Adventures of Trog

(scrawled in barely legible writing with sticks of charcoal on scrolls of bark)

Trog hasn’t had a good time of things lately. First get beaten up by dogmen in the forest. Then after wake up from punch to the head Trog is stuck in a hole by skinny humans. They give Trog food and don’t poke at him with sticks so it was not bad, just boring. Lost track of time down in hole until more humans and a short guy came to let Trog out of the hole. Taller guy with writing on his face was named something like Goose. He shouted lots of orders and everyone ran around doing what he said, he must be a great leader. Short guy named Randy. He barely come up to Trog’s waist, he’s funny looking. They say Trog will be let go if help kill dogmen who keep attacking the human village. Trog likes to smash doggies so Trog is okay with this. Trog also meet other interesting guys Udo and Anar. Udo is a farmer who wears armor, and Anar likes to light his hair on fire. Trog is confused by them often.

Trog helped fix wall of the town, but dogmen just jumped over it anyway and we clubbed each other for a while. Trog was really tired by the time we killed all the dog guys, but some old lady in town was sad because the dogmen stole another lady. Udo said Trog could have a big hat made of antlers if Trog found where the dogman took the lady, so Trog took everyone into the forest. Footprints led Trog to pile of stinky rotting bodies. More dogmen and some zombies attacked us. Trog think they thought we were trying to steal their food, or maybe Trog confused again, Trog not sure. We smashed all them and burned ‘em up in a big pile. Trog still wanting to go find the dogmen house, but Goose was really tired. Instead Randy and Trog snuck ahead and found a big cave in the side of a cliff. It smelled like dog so Trog figure this be dog home. We go back to town to sleep and eat food. Trog not like beds, Trog sleep on the ground. Trog kill lots of dog guys, and if Trog saves the lady then Trog maybe get village to write a letter saying how big and strong Trog is. Trog feels like a strong leader!

A Plague of Gnolls
The path ahead II

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