Anar-hazim M’hadeen

Blessed of Ardeth Medjai

Character Sheet

Wa’inta, outsider,

You are fortunate I learned you were living in our land and was able to write you before any others found you. There are some here who would well with a fire-born rage at your very presence, as I can be at times. There is much you must learn about our land if you wish to live amongst her children.

In the blessed empire of Ahmar Hazaq, in the great city of Az Fadim, there are three peoples. There are the decedents of the god-prophet’s disciples and followers who he lead into our blessed land. There are the righteous but tempted descendents of the god-prophet, the Tieflings. And there are the holy and avowed childen of the desert and the god-prophet, the Genasi. The brothers of the god-prophet share the the holy duty of guiding and protecting the people of Ahmar Hazaq. Thus it is, that the most holy Caliph is a Tiefling brother. Thus it is, that the great and righteous rulers of our empire are often them as well.

It is we, the firesouled, the Genasi who are most holy though—children of the god-prophet and the divine desert herself. It is our duty to be mindful of our brothers, watch them with patience, assist them when they are in need, and to discipline them when they loss sight of their holy duty. They are only semi-divine after all. Thus it is, that the we Genasi are most numerous in the righteous ranks of Akhti and hold much power and responsibility in Ahmar Hazaq. Thus it is, that there are some amongst the Akhti that see it as their divine duty to protect their desert mother, their holy brothers and their people from any and all who would dare hurt them.

Outsider, let it be known I am of the Ardeth Medjai who have sworn thier lives in protection of the most holy Caliph, their desert mother and her people.

Be mindful of our ways and hold high our customs, or you will know only the fury of the fire seas.


Anar-hazim M’hadeen
Bleesed of Ardeth Medjai


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