Critical Misses

Critical Misses:

Even the most battle-hardened veteran sometimes makes mistakes. In the breakneck chaos of combat having an accident or misjudging an enemy’s move is easy to do. Critical Misses in Equabar reflect the aspect of chance, an element that is out of the control of even the most seasoned combatant.

A Critical Miss is a roll of a natural (unmodified) 1 on a D20. A Critical Miss always misses its target.

Critical Misses require a roll on a D100 or % die. Critical Misses are rolled on the table below:

0-20%Guard down = 1 adjacent enemy may make an opportunity attack against you
21-35%Off balance/Trip = You are knocked prone
36-50%Drop weapon/Disarmed = You lose your grip and drop your weapon or implement. Your weapon flies 2 squares in a random direction determined by d8 roll. You must spend a minor action on your next turn to retrieve it before attacking
51-65%Wild Attack/Wild Magic = If you missed on a melee or ranged attack, roll to hit against an adjacent ally or the ally nearest your target. If you hit the ally takes the damage. If you missed on a arcane/divine spell attack, roll to hit against your own defense. If you hit you take the damage
66-85%Fumble = Your attack immediately ends and you grant combat advantage until the end of your next turn
86-100%Recover = No ill effect

Beneficial effects used on other party members do not trigger Critical Misses.

AOE effects: Only the first attack roll on a burst or blast effect triggers Critical Misses.

Note: Critical Misses cannot be rerolled by spending a luck point. You may spend a luck point on yourself or any ally to negate a Critical Miss.

Critical Misses

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