Current Rumors

Praetoria has invaded Ruac. They have a amassed a legion led by Legatus Lucius Auxelius. Refugees from Ruac have set up a camp outside Aethelstan.

The Frea of Galdoran is dying—he was poisoned by a Praetorian spy or others say his brother’s black magic took his life. The Eorl is attending his brother in Galdor at the moment.

The Eorl Osgard (Aethelstan’s cousin) is raising his troops and says that if Frea dies that Aethelstan cannot be Frea. He claims Aethelstan is a sorcerer and he will spread the corruption of his black magic across the realm.

The Praetorians are looking for a boy named Udo. They offer a governorship in Septima for the man that turns the boy over to them.

One of the wizards on the Eorl’s council accidentally summoned a demon and it’s eating babes.

The champions of the gods are coming to Aethelstan for a summit. They are going to decide some business including what to do about the Praetorian threat. Garr the Hydraslayer, champion of Ishkur was seen outside of town just yesterday.

Current Rumors

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