Magic Items and Magic

Arcane magic in Equabar is a rare and strange thing, and most people of the land find it astonishing and frightening. Due to superstition and the danger of openly practicing magic, most wizards and warlocks do not draw attention to themselves by flagrantly using their powers in public unless absolutely necessary. There are exceptions to this of course, such as the enclave of wizards that currently reside in Eorl Aethelstan of Galdoran’s domain or the occasional rogue wizard who cares little for rules or frightened commonfolk. The tolerance for magicians varies from kingdom to kingdom and town to town. However, in general the practicer of the arcane arts takes heed not to reveal himmself lest he be driven out of town or worse.

Magical items in Equabar are nearly as rare as mages themselves, and are truly objects of curiosity, wonder, and value. Most commoners of the lands may go their whole lives without knowingly encountering a magical item, although plenty have been sold “magical” items by unscrupulous Gypsom. The common person does not understand magic, nor, in most cases, do they want to.

The properties of magical items in Equabar can only be determined through the careful study of someone schooled in the arcane arts, though items can be utilized by anyone who knows their secrets.

Magical item properties are determined by an Arcana check with a DC 15 + the item’s level. An arcana check may be rolled once for every hour spent studying the item.

Magic Items and Magic

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