Character Sheet

A Brief History

The Weaver caravan is at least somewhat well known within the Gypsom community; smart heads, quality goods and able to turn a coin as fast as any other, they’re probably most know for the amazing stories they weave as they travel from country to country. In a prominant caravan a lot falls upon the next Head of the caravan when it’s born, even moreso for Randyl Weaver. Randyl, the next Head, was seen as a sign from Aia that the next caravan generation would be blessed with good luck, mysterious energies manifesting from the toddlers fingertips as it played, born under a night sky of dancing lights, a sign of Aia’s grace.

Expectations were hoisted on Randyl’s shoulders from a very young age and he was trained in the Gypsom ways quite dilligently. He didn’t mind learning, the more things that he had in front of him to occupy his time, the better; but the expectations weighed on his shoulders and childhood adventure was lost. Selfish and mischievous would both be understatements when addressing Randyl Weaver. He made it quite clear to his “handlers” from a young age that he was not something that could be contained or bottled, though that did not stop them from trying.

It was at the age of 16 that Randyl decided to leave the caravan behind and see the world for himself. With nothing but a few coins in his pocket and the gear on his back, he took to the road. He went from town to town doing as he pleased, starting up his own little entrepenuer business, selling dreams to those that wanted them. Using his energy to make it seem as though he had magical wares for sale, along with a guide instructing individuals how they would be able to gain the blessings of that magic through 59 easy steps. This led to a few inconveniences depending on the city he came to and how fast word had already traveled, but even the most dangerous moments appealed to Randyl, giving him an opportunity to live life at its fullest. Randyl Weaver is never in the same spot for long, always in pursuit of an interesting game or a promising venture.

The Weaver Caravan

Garret Weaver started the Weaver Caravan a time before any stories the Caravan still tells anymore. Generations upon generations of Weavers have kept the family ties strong, but the Caravan welcomes anyone into the family that shares their love of luck, money and a good story. They say to be a Weaver you have to be able to ‘turn a good card’, ‘take a good coin’ and ‘tell a good tale’.


Randyl Weaver stands 4’7” tall, quite tall for a halfling. Quite lanky as well, weighing in at 85 pounds. Dark brown hair and clean kept beard, he wears a fine brown duster over top some well crafted, or at least fashionable leather armor. On his belt you’ll find two long alabaster daggers, somewhat gnarled, crafted from the tooth of a young dragon; you’ll also hopefully find a well filled pouch if the day has gone well. He’s always found with a welcoming smile and his ever-shifting eye color will find you looking at a different jewel tone every day. They say a good merchant needs to look the part and Randyl definitely looks the part.


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