Formerly an independent nation with its own culture and traditions, Sennado is now an official territory of Praetoria. Praetoria subjugated Sennado after the 5 year Sennedochal war, claiming an ancient right to the land. Sennado was renamed Septima, in honor of Emperor Septimus, and Praetorian governors were instated to rule the territory. Many Sennadochs fled the war for other lands as refugees. Those that didn’t flee and managed to survive the grueling campaign now live in Septima as slaves, servants, or workers in the Praetorian Empire.

Prior to Praetorian rule, Sennado was a nation composed of agrarian towns and villages. Most towns were ruled by a council of elders who mediated disputes and enforced laws and traditions. Queen Cenn was the official monarch of the land, but rarely interfered in the day to day lives of her subjects. The Sennadoch depended on farming, raising livestock, and hunting for their survival and the majority worshiped fertility, sun, and hunting gods. The harvest festival was the highest holiday in Sennado, and travelers would come from across the continent to participate in the week long celebration. The soil of Sennado is famously fertile, and the kingdom produced a good deal of the food for the contient. The kingdom is crossed and marked by elaborate mounds in runic patterns, sometimes used for burials. The Sennadoch believed that the sun god looked down at the mounds and was pleased by the skill and labor of the Sennedo people. Many of these mounds still exist across Sennedo, though several have been destroyed in recent years by Praetorians searching for gold and riches. Sennedochs are well known across the continent for their knowledge of botany and their ability to turn cultivated plants into healing balms and oils. Sennedoch healers are said to be the most accomplished in the land, and their stunning powers to heal were credited with causing the prolonged conflict against the superior Praetorian force.

Though the Sennedoch are a broken people, many of them have not forgotten what life was like before Praetorian rule or forgiven Praetorians for the brutal war they waged. Sennedochs that have fled to other lands violently resist Praetorian forces and have been known to form groups that stalk and ambush Praetorian parties. The once peaceful Senedoch now harbor a lasting rage and hatred for Praetorians, and the surviving Sennedochs that have escaped Septima wage a losing and unending war against the Praetorian empire.

Earthsoul Genasi: A small community of earthsoul Genasi made Sennado their home before the Praetorian invasion. The Genasi were treated as brethren by the Sennadoch, and little distinction was made between the races. Many of the Genasi fled to Ruac or Galdoran during the war, while those that stayed have become objects of curiosity for the Praetorians that now rule Septima.

Sennedoch Druids: A mysterious group of druids inhabited the wild forest areas of Sennedo and were known to travel freely across the land, sometimes taking up residence in villages and towns for extended periods of time as wisemen and councilors. An elder druid, Grimaldus, was said to be a close advisor to the Queen. The druids were known for their strange and mystical powers, their widsom, and their knowledge of ancient natural secrets. When Praetoria invaded Sennedo they actively sought out and slew druids first as important targets. After suffering grievous losses the druids disappeared altogether from Sennedo, and have only been reported in rumor ever since.

Appearance: Sennedoch are easily recognizable by their red hair and freckled complexions, traits that appear with frequency among the Sennedoch but very rarely among other peoples. Sennadoch are light skinned by nature but are are often red or bronzed from days spent in the sun and well-built and hale from time working the land. Sennedochs favor simple brown and dark green clothing, and often incorporate pelts, tusks, and horns into their dress as tokens to their gods. Many Sennedoch have ritual runic brandings as marks of worship.

Sennedoch PCs:

Sennedoch are master healers and botanists. Senedochs add heal as a class skill and +1 to heal and +1 to nature checks, and may reroll any heal roll but must take the second result.

Sennedoch are known for their courage, endurance, and amazing ability to recover from fatigue or wounds. Sennedoch gain the “Durable” feat at creation. You may add the higher of your constitution or wisdom score to your starting hit points at creation.

When faced with the looming Praetorian forces and no choice but war, many Sennedochs used the farming tools at hand to defend themselves. Sennedoch gain +1 damage with Sickles, War Picks, and Scythes.


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