Deep in the verdant jungles on the Eastern coast of Equabar lies Tenoqlatoa, the storied kingdom of the elves. No one is quite sure where the borders of Tenoqlatoa begin or end, or even if the legendary cities of the elves really exist at all. The elves of Tenoqlatoa keep mostly to themselves, and are rarely known to venture outside of their lands. Stories are told throughout the continent of the glittering gold cities of the elves, but beyond a few jade and bronze items supposedly taken from Tenoqlatoa no one has any credible evidence to their existence. Those that claim to have seen the cities speak of lands of untold beauty and riches, but most adventurous expedition parties seeking the treasures of the elves never return.

The jungle inhabited by the elves is incredibly dense, lush, and deadly. Those that have ventured or wandered into the jungle and barely escaped with their lives tell stories of giant insects, ferocious reptiles and beasts, and a forest so tangled and unforgiving that it must be cursed or magical. Many tell tales of the forest closing in around them, and only surviving by some lucky circumstance, such as running into a Yehuan kind-hearted enough to lead them out.

Clever adventurers who seek Tenoqlatoa start with the Yehuan, since they are adept at guiding through the labyrinthine jungle and are close allies of the elves. Few Yehuan are willing to lead curious outsiders through the jungle, however, and some Yehuan tribes are as standoffish and cautious as the Elves.

The Elves of Tenoqlatoa are said to be so in harmony with nature that they may as well be creatures of the jungle themselves. Indeed, tales are told of wild elves that act as savage beasts, and no one knows if these bloodthirsty and primal elves are members of Tenoqlatoa or if they truly exist at all.

Tenoqlatoa PCs:

The elves of Tenoqlatoa are said to have a mystical connection to the jungle and to be able to communicate with plants and beasts. Stories are told of elves that are accompanied by ferocious and deadly animals, yet around the elves the beasts are as docile and friendly as a pet. Tenoqlatoan gain the animal empathy (Primal Power) feat for free and their beast companions or familiars do +1 damage.

Tenoqlatoans are said to be incredibly agile and nimble. Tennoqlatoans have acrobatics as a class skill and gain +1 on acrobatics checks.

Tenoqlatoans are preternaturally alert and ready for action in the blink of an eye. Tenoqlatoans gain the improved initiative feat at creation.


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