Scattered throughout the land of Equabar, from the Harr desert to the Eastern Sea to the border of the Praetorian empire, are barbarian tribes that have no veneer of civilization. These tribes are known as the “Varri,” an old Hecolate term that means “wild ones.” They have no written language or history, and do not form settlements or towns. They do not farm or stay in one place for very long, and gain what they need for survival through hunting or raiding when necessary. The Varri tribes are not a nation, and fight with each other as often as they do outsiders, but they speak variant dialects of a common language (descended from giant) and share some common customs and culture.

The Varri tribes are made up primarily of orcs, savage humans, half-orcs, and gnolls…but other races can occasionally be found within their ranks. The Varri are feared by all civilized peoples, as many Varri tribes are little more than loosely organized animals. Many Varri tribes are known to be slaughterous, cruel, and feral, and many stories are told of Varri raids that leave entire villages in cinders and men, women, and children eaten or enslaved. The level of brutality and war-like fierceness varies greatly from tribe to tribe, however, and some Varri tribes have been known to deal peacefully with civilized people and trade regularly.

Varri tribes often center around a figure of power that is used as a symbol of the group. This figure can be a powerful beast, a great chieftan, a god, or other powerful being. The Varri favor figures that will strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and rally the tribe’s warriors to a foam-mouthed fury.

Appearance: Varri favor fierce and threatening appearances. Varri commonly paint themselves in blood or other colors. The paint and symbols vary by occasion, and painted Varri may look very different depending on if the Varri hope to conceal themselves in the wild or if they are readying for war. Varri often wear the skulls of their victims as trophies, and adorn themselves with animal bones and claws.

Varri PCs:

Varri may gain intimidate or athletics as a class skill and get a +1 bonus on intimdate or athletics checks.

Wild Stealth: Like a stalking predator, Varri know how to blend into their surroundings when in the wild. Varri gain a +4 bonus on stealth checks when outdoors or if they have concealment.

Bloodlust: Varri are known to be driven into battle frenzy by the sight of blood. The first time a Varri reduces an enemy to 0 or fewer hit points, they gain +1 damage on attacks until the end of the encounter.

Varri are fond of weapons they fashion themselves from nature’s resources. Varri gain +1 damage with clubs, greatclubs, handaxes, battle-axes, and greataxes.


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