The Yehuan inhabit the dense sub-tropical forests that strech along the eastern coast of the continent. The Yehuan were a loose group of tribes that lived in disparate forest villages until they were united by the great chieftan Locquotay several hundred years ago. Since the time of unification the Yehuan nation has existed as many strongly allied tribal villages with a few large cities where the tribes meet and trade. Yehuan villages are very difficult to find as the Yehuan are nature worshipppers and take care to blend their villages into the natural surroundings. The Yehuan have a polytheistic religion that is strongly tied to a largely unseen spirit world that the Yehuan believe deeply affects what most perceive as the “real” world. Yehuan tribes identify themselves by the spirit animals that they believe watch over and protect the tribe, and although the Yehuan are now united as a nation under one ruler they are still forcibly proud of their tribal affiliations. The Yehuan’s tribe not only provides a sense of family and community but also personal identity.

Elves: Elves inhabit the tropical jungles that border the Yehuan lands and through years of cooperation and shared enemies they have developed an active and friendly relationship. Elves and Yehuan first allied to fight the hated Yuan-ti, and have since remained steadfast allies. Elves and Yehuan often hunt, trade, and mate together and half-elves are common among the Yehuan tribes. Many who seek out the kingdom of the Elves start with the Yehuan, as they are said to be the only ones who can guide through the shifting, primal, and dangerous jungle the Elves inhabit.

Appearance: Yehuan skin tone ranges from light brown to olive. Their hair and eyes are black. Yehuan favor green and brown tones that allow them to blend into the canopy and often use paint on their faces and bodies. It is common for Yehuan to dress like the spirit animals of their tribes in order to invoke their favor and protection. The Tucan people wear elaborate feather cloaks and headresses, while the Alligator people wear scaly armor and toothy helms etc.

Yehuan PCs

Yehuan are known for being as silent and deadly as a jungle cat, and for their ability to live as one with the land. Yehuan gain stealth or nature as a class skill and gain +1 to stealth and nature rolls.

Yehuan live in a dangerous jungle full of ferocious beasts, and are always ready to defend themselves at a moment’s notice. Yehuan gain +2 to initiative.

Yehuan are known throughout the land for their deadly accuracy with the bow and arrow. Stories have been told of entire parties who aggressively entered Yehuan territory, only to be felled by a silent hail of arrows from unseen heights. Yehuan gain +1 damage with longbows, shortbows, and greatbows.


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