Ahmar Fazaq

The glittering red and gold domes of Ahmar Fazaq rise from the burning sands of the Sochar desert like a sun dawning on the horizon. Ancient and mysterious, the Ahmar Fazaq kingdom has existed in the great desert for thousands of years. The Ahmar Fazaq kingdom is fervidly protectionist and isolationist, and guard their borders and their secrets with a passion bording on crazed xenophobia. It is truly rare for a traveler from another kingdowm to visit Ahmar Fazaq and return alive, but the stories they tell will awe listeners for the rest of their days. The capital of the kingdom, Az Fadim, is said to be so dazzling that it can blind the unprepared eye.

While the majority of the population is human, Tieflings also occupy an important place in the Ahmar Fazaq kingdom. The first prophet and founder of the kingdom is said to have been a Tiefling, and Tieflings are considered semi-divine in the Fazaqi religion. Tieflings occupy places of power and influence in Fazaqi society, and many are nobles or leaders.

Ahmar Fazaq is also home to a small group of Firesoul Genasi, a race said to have been born when the great prophet wed the desert and she bore him four sons. The Firesoul Genasi, or “burning souls”, are a small number but live as near demi-gods in Ahmar Fazaq and are highly revered.

The Alchemists of Ahmar Fazaq are legendary for the strange power held in their brews and devices. Only Fazaqis have mastered the secrets of Alchemy, and their power is both admired and feared. The Alchemists of Ahmar Fazaq are said to be able to conjure all types of wonderpus effects with their potions and brews, and it is rumored that the Caliph has extended his lifespan and rule hundreds of years through imbiming poweful alchemical potions.

Fazaqi parties often make journeys to the towns bordering the great desert to trade or gather information. While they are feared and eyed with great suspicion, tension rarely erupts into violence. Some Fazaqi make their living guiding those who desire to venture into the desert, as they know the desert best and are able to survive the harsh environment

Fazaqi PCs:

All Fazaqi are hardened against the harsh climate of the great desert. Fazaqi gain resist fire 4 (or +3 to existing resist fire). Fazaqi gain +5 to endurance checks to resist thirst or hunger.

Fazaqi are skilled with the deadly singing blades native to their kingdom. All Fazaqi gain the Exotic Weapon Proficieny: Scimitar feat at creation

Fazaqi may take Alchemy or Endurance as a class skill starting at level 1. Fazaqi gain +2 to endurance checks.

Ahmar Fazaq

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