Critical Strikes

The world is a dangerous place, and even more deadly for those who take up spell or sword and go looking for adventure. Critical Strikes in Equabar reflect the danger of combat in a realistic way and can be devastating. Even Achilles was felled by a single well-aimed arrow.

Critical Strikes

A critical strike is a roll of a natural(unmodified) 20 on a D20. A critical strike always hits.

Critical Strikes are calculated as follows:

[base weapon die/dice] x2 + extra damage

AOE effects: When rolling to hit for burst and blast AOE effects only the first roll to hit will trigger critical strikes or misses.

Note: You may spend a luck point to counter an enemy’s Critical Strike. Any player may spend a luck point for themselves or an ally in this way.

Mortal Blow If a character is hit for its bloodied value or more with a single critical strike they have been dealt a “mortal blow.” The character is gravely injured and loses 1d2 healing surges and must roll on the injury table.

Critical Strikes

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