Known to outsiders as Gypsom, or in their own tongue as “the folk,” Halflings in Equabar are restless wanderers and merchants, refusing to make a home in any one place for very long. The Gypsom have traveled the lands of Equabar in roving tribes for as long as anyone can remember, and as far as anyone knows they have never belonged to any nation. The news that a Gypsom caravan has been spotted on the way to town travels fast and elicits both excitement and suspicion from the common people. The Gypsom have a reputation as con-men, tricksters, and thieves and many an Equabaran has a tale of losing his hat and more to the Gypsom caravan passing through. The Gypsom reputation is in many respects well-earned, as Gypsom are an insular and tight-knit group who view outsiders as both a danger and a source of income. The Gypsom tongue has a special word for outsiders that translates loosely to “sucker” or “rube.” Some of the most close-minded and suspicious towns refuse to let Gypsom camp near their borders. Gypsom, though, are more often that not tolerated because their uses far outway any mischief they might cause. Gypsom caravans often bear news and happenings from around the continent, and provide rural villages with information from far-off lands that they otherwise would not have access to. Gypsom are master brewers and have created a signature drink known commonly as “Gyp wine” that is considered by many who have sampled it to be the best-tasting and strongest drink available anywhere. Gypsoms are also world-renowned performers and storytellers, and a rollicking Gypsom party can keep even the most sedated hamlets dancing and laughing late into the night. Lastly, Gypsom are merchants that bring exotic goods from far kingdoms that spark a look of covetous awe in the eyes of many commoners. The Gypsom range far in their wanderings, and their keen eye for exotic, wonderous, or strange goods causes them to accumulate many things. Gympsom always seem to have something for sale, though many a buyer has realized they didn’t get exactly what they bargained for once the wine wears off and the caravan has left town.

Slang: The Gypsom are commonly referred to as the derisive term “Gyp.” “Gyp” can be used to mean a short or small person, a literal Gypsom Halfling, or any process by which one is deceived or swindled out of something.

Gypsom PCs:

Gypsom are notorious for their honey-tongued and glib bargaining. Gypsom gain Diplomacy or Bluff as a class skill and gets +2 on either Diplomacy or Bluff checks.

Gypsom range far and wide in their travels and must interact with diverse cultures. Nearly every Gypsom can rattle off prices in at least two languages other than their own. Gypsom gain the “Linguist” feat for free at creation.

Gypsom favor quick and precise weapons that can have an opponent at a disadvantage before they even know they are in a fight. All Gypsom gain +1 to damage with daggers and rapiers. Gypsom are proficient with parrying daggers.


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