Inns and Taverns

The Peppered Goose

This small inn is the nearest the front gate of Aethelstan. It smells constantly of the house specialty, a hot peppered goose. It is small and bare with simple hay bed and wooden wash buckets, but meets a weary traveler’s needs well.

Velda, the barmaid is well known for her bountiful bosom and general knowledge of who has entered and exited the city.

1 GP per night. 5 silver for a half-goose and mug of ale.

Faulcon’s Foote

This inn is located around several larger merchants houses in a nicer section of town. It is a three story building with a wooden sign out front and lanterns in the windows at night. Inside wooden benches sit at giant wooden tables in Galdorand fashion. One of the nicer inns in Aethelstan., many of the Falcon Guarde are known to frequent the tavern.

The beds are stuffed with soft but lumpy wool.

Fulbert is the proprietor. He is also an amateur falconer with a falcon that sits on a wooden post with a leather mask and looks over the patron.

2 GP per room per night 1 GP buys Beef shank, hunk of bread, and cheese

Ox and Till

A simple two story inn with a thatched roof. A popular drinking spot for the theows who aren’t at the mead hall. Clientele are largely the poor classes, covered in dirt and grit from day labor. This inn really gets going at night from sundown till the north star comes up.

8 SP per night 3 SP will buy Pig hock soup and rolls.

Alfgar is a simple, kind face man missing many of his teeth.

Lazy Hound

Known for daytime drinking, dinginess and poor lighting, and generous tab system. Barkeeper, Hrothor, is usually drunk himself.

White Moon Inn

This is a popular inn for visiting wizards and scholars. Expensive with plush surroundings. Silk and fine cloth. Few rooms but ornately decorated.

Emonie the mistress of the inn is a sorceress who has some small power.

3 GP per night

Haythe Shieldhall

The Shieldhall within the first wall, this is a popular drinking spot for all types in Aethelstan. A massive longhouse built out on Haythe, the shields of Aethelstan’s falcon crest and individual warriors hang on the walls. Inside men sit at huge wooden tables while serving wenches bring them food and drink. A raucous place always full of drunks and song, and the best place to make money as a performer or showman.

There are mats on the floor that are put out near the end of the night. You can buy one for 8 copper, though sometimes they let the most drunken revelers sleep there for free.

Inns and Taverns

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