Council Library

Open to the council and anyone with a writ of permission. This massive library is the biggest in the kingdom. Held behind a massive oak door in the Eorl’s tower, the library has wall to ceiling books lining the walls. Huge open stone windows look out on the rolling hills beyond the city. Bardolph the librarian runs the library with his familiar, an ape named Tubol.

Aethelstan Academy

A medium-size stone building set into the south wall of the keep. The academy looks as if it was a former theow and stable house. A man in a white toga reads from a massive volume to a small crowd of young men. Inside there is a room with all sorts of scholarly scrolls and history books of all types.

Eorl’s Private Library

The Eorl’s private library can be found near the Eorl’s private chambers on the top levels of the tower. It houses books considered too rare or possibly dangerous to be stored in the Council Library, as well as books and artifacts of person interest to the Eorl. The tower is a large room with a huge cat’s eye orb in the center on a carved stand that the Eorl uses for scrying.

Library of Illumination

This Library can be found in Old Praetoria. It it a small, square building that looks like it was once a merchan’t house. Columnns and an archway have been build in front in the Praetorian style and there are two censors holding flames on the porch much in the same style as the Temenos of Light in old Praetoria. Inside there are hundreds of scrolls in cases covering the walls and tapestries depicting great Praetorian senators and consuls. A bent, gray man in a toga writing on a scroll while squinting with one eye. A small cockatoo weaves and bobs its head as it walks back and forth in front of him.


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