A large stone building on the northeast side of town. The barracks flies a huge flag of the banner of Aethelstan out front. A huge courtyard seems to be set up for training, though it appears vacant today. A few guards in chainmail stand talking to each other in front.

The Haythe

The central square of the city where all outside main roads lead to. The haythe is always abuzz with merchants, farmers and all sort of tradesmen and craftsmen. The Haythe is build deep into the side of the hill and also extends out above the houses below on a huge wooden scaffold. Simple wooden booths and tables line the market, as well as wandering merchants. The mixed smells of cooking meats, sweets, animals, and people overwhelm your senses, as well as the shouts of sellers, the thrum of bargaining, and the occasional street musician or performer.

“Blood Sausages! Smoked”

Lamb heads!

Fresh suckleberries, suckleberry pie,

Cuno’s Curiostys

This appears to be a large tent set up near the wester edge of the haythe. Tapestries and rugs cover with strange objects in this cluttered shop. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the objects that cover the walls. Skulls, figurines, dolls, vases, potions, statues and all manner of strange items cover the shelves. The owner does not appear to be around.

As they enter the shop and look around suddenly a gnome fades into view sitting cross-legged on a table. He cocks his head at you, his wild hair shooting out in all directions. “Looking for something? Anything? We have a little bit of everything.”

Bag of holding
Tempest Fan
Watcher’s Horn
Floating Lantern
Feybread biscuits

Aia’s Alley

A dark hole carved into the side of the hill and covered with a tarp. Must have a password to get in. Unseemly characters play at games of chance for money. Men of all sorts gather here with one thing in coming, a gleam in their eye for gambling. Hob is a gambler who never loses at dice.

win the vagabond die in a dice game

Onus Fine Jeweler

This one story shop near the larger merchants houses seems to have jewelry for the wealthy merchants. Silver and gold necklaces are housed in stone boxes with hollow slots above for viewing. The boxes are locked on the sides. A young boy sits on a stool behind the wooden counter.

Onus come clinking out, a large ring of keys on his belt. He’s a white bearded dwarf with a small ponytail in back. He’s interested in buying some jewels, but points you to Aubrey Nolfdwan for the jewels with magical capacity.

Polyglot Gem


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