Rumac is less a formal nation and more a group of clans united by culture and language. The borders of Rumac are nebulous and not clearly defined, but a Rumac will surely tell you when you are on his land. The Clannocs of Rumac date back hundreds of years, and nearly every Rumac can name his great great grandfather and his place in the Clannoc line. Rumac is a largely wild land, with only one major trade city, and whole villages sometimes pack up and move to search out better land for crops or rearing animals. Family is very important to the Rumac, and any outsider would do well to never insult a Rumac’s clansmen. The Rumac are fiercely independent and highly value their freedom.

Dwarves live freely among the Rumac and are considered friends and kinsman. The Dwarves of Rumac often build underground communities that are more permanent and fortified than the camps of the roving Rumac. It is a tradition that a Rumac can ask for shelter in the underground village of the dwarves and it must be granted. This tradition has saved many Rumacs lives when hiding from enemies or dangerous creatures. Criminals fleeing Praetoria often attempt to head directly to Rumac for this same reason.

Appearance: Rumac are often hardy, burly, and toughened by long nights and days spent outside in the wind and weather. Traditionally Rumac do not shave or cut their hair, so many Rumac men wear impressive beards. Rumac ceremonially braid their hair and beards with trinkets and symbols of luck and clan. Rumac men often wear a short, loose skirt into battle for ease of movement as they are naturally athletic and quick runners.

Rumac PCs:

Rumac favor weapons with some heft and power to them. The traditional Rumac weapon is the claymore. Rumac Martial characters gain +1 damage with Greatswords and Bastard Swords.

Rumac are naturally athletic from days spent running across the craggy and arid land. Rumac characters gain +2 to their athletics skill.

Rumac are naturally hardy and tough, spending most of their lives outside in the elements. Rumac gain +1 to their fortitude save at creation.


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