The Xuswame nation is a collection of tribes that occupy the savannah south of the Harr desert. The Xuswame are expert hunters and trackers, and are often enlisted as guides into the Harr. The Xuswame move across the grasslands often in search of water and greenery and rarely make permanent villages. In the wet season they move constantly, following the rain and budding greens. In the dry season they make more permanent camps in rings around water holes. Each Xuswame is known by a tribal name and a family name. Few family names exist, and they are passed from generation to generation. It is forbidden to violently quarrel with a family member in Xuswame society, so the large family groups ensure mostly peaceful interactions. Xuswame tribes rarely fight each other. Xuswame are generally friendly toward outsiders, but take great offense when one of their number is killed or hurt by foreigners. Such an action usually provokes the wrath of an entire Xuswame tribe, and ends with the trangressor’s head on the end of a spear.

Shifters: Shifters descended from the were-jackels and were-hyenas of the Harr desert mingle freely with the Xuswame, and the shifter bloodline is apparent in some Xuswame tribes. The shifters are easily identified by the spots and or stripe markings that appear on their backs, shoulders, and backs of the arms and legs.

Appearance: Xuswame skin tone ranges from brown to dark black. Xuswame care little for clothes and often wear only loin cloths. Xuswame tend to adorn themselves with the bones, claws, and hides of their prey, and some Xuswame warriors use bones in ritual piercings. Xuswame favor sun-hardened hide for armor.

Xuswame PCs:

Xuswame are expert hunters and gatherers, and their senses are sharp from days spent searching for food in the grasslands. Xuswame gain perception as a class skill and +2 to perception checks.

Xuswame are known throughout the world for their breathtaking speed when running down prey on the savannah. Xuswame gain the “Fast Runner” feat at creation and may take it even if they don’t meet the required constitution score.

Xuswame are quick into battle and deadly with their favored tribal weapon, the spear. Xuswame gain +1 to damage with javelins, spears, and greatspears.


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